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Book Reading Session With the Bangladesh High Commission

Updated: May 9, 2022

ReLA organised a joint book reading session with the Bangladesh High Commission in Bandar Seri Begawan,Brunei.

Her Excellency, Madam Nahid Raham Shumona captivated the children . aged 3-8 years old from St Andrew's School with her engaging story telling skills and translation of the stories of Sheikh Mujib, the founding leader of Bangladesh using English.Her Excellency unraveled and depicted the stories of Sheikh Mujib's early life through the 'Graphic Novel Mujib' and how he built friendships with friends and villagers of various religion. She also took opportunity to remind the children to stay healthy, to engage in sports and leisure activities outside the home and to spend less time on the tablet and other phone devices.

The reading programme ended with Her Excellency's writing individual children's name in Bangla on paper as a literacy practice,which was given to each child as momento.

ReLA is privileged to be a joint colloborator in promoting reading among Brunei young children with the Bangladesh High Commission and excited about upcoming literacy initiatives for the Brunei children and her contribution to the society!

We are so humbled by your presence, contribution , kindness and looking forward for more colloboration with the Commission.

Thank you,Your Excellency

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